Still Report #811 – Trump Leapfrogs Cruz in Indiana

from Bill Still

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Good afternoon, I’m still reporting on politics.
Did you feel that breeze going running through your state, Indiana? That was the Trump train rocketing northwards.
For the first time, Donald Trump now leads in a poll of probably the last remaining super-critical, jump-ball states – Indiana.
Just 20 hours ago, this was the Politico headline: Trump & Cruz were tied neck and neck at 32% each.
One day later it’s Trump 37, Cruz sinking hard at 31%. How do the mainstreamers like the IndyStar – a branch of the uber-mainstream USA Today Network – play it?
“Trump Leads, but Not By Much”
That’s so hilarious. Can’t they see how desperate they look?
Imagine if it was Cruz leading by 6 points. They’d be screaming that Cruz was now unbeatable.
Notice also down in the copy how they characterize Trump:
“Trump, the billionaire real estate developer and reality TV star,”
But then in the next two sentences we come to the one honest comparison – crowd sizes:
“Trump … held his first rally in the state on Wednesday, drawing an estimated 4,000 people to the Indiana State Fairgrounds.
“Cruz spoke Thursday to a group of 800 at an Indiana Republican Party fundraiser.”
A 500% difference, and that’s a small crowd for Trump and a huge one for Cruz.
These people are desperate to ignore what is obvious to any of us who have attended Trump rallies.
They are off-the-charts, energy-laden events. You thought Jimmy Hendrix or the Who brought out enthusiastic crowds?
Well guess what, if you fell like you missed those good old days, go to a Trump rally. Monster enthusiasm and warm camaraderie blow the doors off of anything you saw during the formational days of rock & roll. In fact, every Trumpet event opens with a heaping helping of vintage Stones music. It’s really something you do not want to miss if it’s within a day’s drive of your home.
Now here’s the sad part. Look at a recent still photo of Cruz on the trail the next time you get a chance. He’s not looking happy. His heart is no longer in it. He knows that the end is near. He knows that we’ve got the goods on him. It’s just a matter of time now.
Cruz’s Mom and Dad did become Canadian citizens. They were not only registered to vote, but they were registered with the Alberta, Canada Health Services. Provable Canadian citizenship required.
That’s why Ted looks sad. He’s a man without a country about to be exposed as having perpetrated a very public fraud, spun together with a web of skillfully-told lies.
His wife will probably leave him. His daughters already squirm to escape his grasp in public. His consorts will never have anything to do with him again. He’s lost his earthly power.
It’s literally a Shakespearian tragedy playing out before our very eyes. I’m sincerely feeling sorry for the guy.
Prayer Warriors, let’s pray. Father God, we pray for Mr. Cruz and admit that we have all fallen short of the Glory of God. Not a single one of us is without sin.
So, because we all want God’s grace to cover our sins, we have to ask that you, Father pour out Your grace and mercy on the heart of Ted Cruz.
Now that doesn’t mean we ever want this deceiver of the very elect back on our political scene ever, ever again, but it does mean that if he repents and humbles himself, he too can receive Your infinite mercy.
We can all benefit from the lesson here.
As long as there is a single breath left in any of us, if we repent and ask Your forgiveness for our wicked ways, You, Father, have promised us that You will bring the Comforter and your unmerited and infinite mercy, not just to bring relief for our perishable bodies, but to our eternal souls. Amen.
So, there is a silver lining to this dark tragedy – a magnificent yet complex tapestry of political theater playing out for free before our very eyes.
The Indiana primary will be on May 3, a week from this Tuesday – enough time for several more fun-filled, high-energy Trump Train injections into that state.
I’m Still reporting on politics. Good Day.