Still Report #796 – Former FBI Agents Urge Comey

from Bill Still

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Someone must sense that the decision point is drawing neigh in the Hillary Clinton email scandal case where oven 2200 classified documents were found on an unauthorized, unclassified server in her home.
A group of retired FBI agents have written the current head of the FBI urging him to do the right thing in the Hillary Clinton email scandal.
John F. Good, the President of the Lang Island Chapter of the Society of Former Special Agents of the FBI, in a letter dated today, wrote to James B. Comey, Jr., the Director of the FBI.
“… it is the Chapter membership’s opinion that not only does the future of the Bureau but also of the United States of America rests on the outcome of this crucial case.”

“Decisions must be made on facts alone. Much is at stake here – people’s trust in the Bureau for years to come, as well as the Bureau’s reputation among our allies, partners, and friends as the greatest law enforcement agency in the world.”
Comey has indicated that he is cognizant that a decision on Clinton must be made as early as possible to give voters sufficient time to factor the information into their political decisions. Many experts believe that means May.
The last statement Comey made on the Clinton scandal was:
“I am very close personally to that investigation to ensure that we have the resources we need, including people and technology, and that it’s done the way the FBI tries to do all of it’s work: independently, competently and promptly.
However, the March 31st edition of Time magazine says that Comey is so determined to prevent leaks in the investigation that 30 to 40 agents on the case have been told that they may be polygraphed to prevent them.
Comey first investigated the Clintons when Bill Clinton was president. As deputy special counsel to the Senate Whitewater Committee he came to some damning conclusions – conclusions which run contrary to Hillary Clinton’s oft-repeated theme that law enforcement found nothing.
Although Comey did not charge the Clintons criminally, he and his fellow investigators concluded that Bill & Hillary Clinton’s actions in blocking the investigations of law enforcement, including the destruction of documents constituted:

“…a highly improper pattern of deliberate misconduct.”
Of course, this happens to be the exact definition of an impeachable offense – politicians who are lawyers who know how to avoid criminal prosecution of acts which the public would certainly find unjust.
Last week, President Obama minimized Clinton’s acts as merely “careless”.
However, today Judge Andrew Napolitano, in his syndicated column, noted that Obama’s Justice Department earlier prosecuted two military men for espionage on ridiculously minor security violations:
“… both a sailor when he took a selfie inside a nuclear submarine and sent it to his girlfriend; and a Marine lieutenant who correctly warned his superiors about an al-Qaida operative masquerading as an Afghan cop in an American encampment but mistakenly used his Gmail account to send the emergency warning.”
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.