Still Report #792 – Michelle Fields Slams Greta as a “Trump Shill”

from Bill Still

SR 792 – Michelle Fields Slams Greta as a “Trump Shill”

Serial whiner Michelle Fields took to Twitter to attack Fox News anchor Greta Van Susteren late yesterday evening calling her a “Trump shill.”
The former Breitbart reporter has threatened both Donald Trump and Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski with a civil defamation lawsuit. The threat came after a Florida DA rejected any criminal prosecution of Lewandowski for battery in an incident after a Trump press conference in Florida last month.
Lewandowski tweeted that Fields was “delusional” with her accusations that he nearly threw her to the ground during the incident. Trump’s own security cameras later showed that no such assault had occurred.
Trump has questioned whether slight bruises photographed by Fields after the encounter came from Lewandowski.
Van Susteren – speaking as an attorney – had weighed in on the incident on her website:
“Anyone encouraging Michelle Fields to bring a civil lawsuit is not doing her a favor. She does not want to take the stand in a civil case, subject to rigorous cross examination, that is likely to be on television to discuss a case that the DA won’t prosecute because he does not believe the evidence shows assault. Yes, the burden of proof is less in a civil case, but she is just not going to win, and it will be expensive and a heartache.”
Fields angrily fired back via Twitter:
“I think I’ll pass on getting legal advice from a Trump shill. Thanks tho.”
Van Susteren tweeted back this morning:
“this is silly-I relied on years of experience in [the] court system, she relies on name calling :)”
Despite calls for Lewandowski’s removal from the campaign, Trump – as is typical for the real estate mogul – announced that he was standing by his campaign manager.
“He has a beautiful wife and children. I’m not going to ruin a man’s career over this ridiculous allegation.”
I’m Still reporting from Washington. Good day.