Still Report #781 – Trump Surges in Pennsylvania

from Bill Still

Donald Trump is widening his lead in Pennsylvania, according to a new Fox News Poll.
Just 16 days ago, a poll conducted by the Philadelphia Inquirer showed Trump with only a 9 point lead. Trump had 39, Cruz 30 and Kasich 24.
But the new Fox Poll shows Cruz has plummeted 10 points.
Trump 48, Kasich 22, Cruz 20 with 11% undecided.
Trump got 53% of the men, Kasich 20, Cruz 19.
But Trump polled also polled well among women: Trump 42, Kasich 25, Cruz 20.
Cruz did best among those who described themselves as “very” conservative, but Trump still beat him by 9 points: Trump 43, Cruz 34 and Kasich 14.
According to pollsters Daron Shaw & Chris Anderson, who conducted the Fox News poll:
“With Cruz and Kasich splitting the non-Trump vote, Pennsylvania could give the real estate mogul one of his most decisive victories.
“His 26-point lead in our poll is the second largest of the states he’s won, next to Massachusetts which he won by 31.”
Support among Cruz voters is now showing signs of weakening as well. Before the Wisconsin primary, Cruz supporters were just as determined to remain with their candidate as the Trump supporters.
But this is now starting to slip, as 83% of Trump voters still say they are certain to vote for him, while only 76% of Cruz’s supporters and 68% of Kasich’s say the same.
The Pennsylvania primary will be conducted on April 26.
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.