Still Report #773 – Law Center Gives Cruz 2 Weeks to Quit

from Bill Still

Good morning, I’m still reporting on politics
Last Sunday, the North American Law Center, a law group that primarily defends veterans, issued a stern warning to Sen. Ted Cruz.
According to J.B. Williams of the NALC on their Sunday podcast:
“We’re talking about American citizens (who) think a guy who’s Canadian-born is eligible to be a U.S. president – without any documentation whatsoever.
“If Ted continues on – we are going to release the files we have, two weeks from tonight, and we will bury Ted Cruz forever in American politics… If we have to stop this guy from defrauding this nation, then we are going to do that.”
As Williams has stated on the NALC’s website:
“According to all relative legal citizenship documentation available at present, Senator Ted Cruz was born Rafael Edward Cruz, a legal citizen of Canada on December 22, 1970 and maintained his legal Canadian citizenship from birth until May 14, 2014, 43 years later.”
“At present, all FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) requests filed in search of any U.S. citizenship documents to confirm the true official U.S. citizenship status of Ted Cruz have been denied access.
“All citizenship records for Ted Cruz are sealed unless and until Ted Cruz agrees to allow any such records to be released by either U.S. or Canadian agencies.”
“All of this explains why Senator Ted Cruz has no legal U.S. citizenship documentation of any kind. He is not a “natural born” – “native born” or “naturalized” citizen of the United States.
Why hasn’t any of the mainstream media asked Cruz this simple question: “Why have you sealed your birth records?”
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.