Still Report #768 – Voter Fraud in Wisconsin

from Bill Still

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We were hoping against hope that this would not continue, but I guess until some law enforcement agency is willing to stand up and stop it, the Cruzers will continue unabated.
Wisconsin TV station WKOW TV, the ABC affiliate in Madison, started getting voter fraud calls early this morning. Apparently voting machines would not let some voters vote for Donald Trump
“The station has spoken with multiple witnesses and is in the process of verifying statements from Burnett, Clark, Dane, Polk and Portage counties.”
According to Jeremy Rogers from Burnett county:
“It was the strangest thing. The machine literally would not allow me to vote Trump.”
He said others voting at the same time he did had the same problem.
“Seems like the establishment will stop at nothing to keep this out of the hands of Trump.”
Former Trump advisor, Roger Stone has vowed to set up a network of volunteers to investigate any reports of fraud.
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.