Still Report #761 – New Poll Trump Leads In Wisconsin

from Bill Still

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A brand new American Research Poll shows Donald Trump gaining momentum in Wisconsin.
The new poll just out this afternoon shows Trump with a big lead over Cruz. Trump now at 42%, Cruz at 32%, and Kasich gaining at 23% with only 3% undecided.
The Trump lead continues no matter how the data is sliced, too.
Among likely Republican voters who self report that they are Republicans, Trump leads by a whopping 46 to 34 for Cruz and 17 for Kasich.
Among those who self-report that they are in some party other than Republicans, Cruz even looses to Kasich. Trump 35, Kasich 31 and Cruz 30.
Even when broken down by age, Trump’s lead still holds:
Among the 18 to 49 crowd, Trump 38, Cruz 34 and Kasich 25. In the 50 and older crowd, it’s Trump 44, Cruz 31 and Kasich 21.
The only place where Trump is still having trouble is with women. Trump wins big with men, 57 to 23 for Cruz and only 17% for Kasich. But with women, Cruz leads 43 to 29 for Kasich and 24 for Trump.
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Nothing deters Trumpers. It’s like in the 40s in southern Wisconsin and yet look at this line to get into a Trump event.
Then Trump flies up to Superior, Wisconsin, which is the farthest-north city in the state. Temperatures below freezing, and look at this crowd in an unheated hanger. Now, I know what Trump events are like, if you want to get close to the candidate, you get there at least 2 hours early. This is unbelievable.
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I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day