Sprott’s John Embry: This is the Most Explosive Action I’ve Ever Seen!

from SilverDoctors

With HUGE Action in Gold & Silver This Week As Shanghai Came Online, Sprott’s John Embry Sat Down For An Explosive Interview, Discussing:
1. Banksters Violently Attack After Silver’s Spectacular Day- Will the White Metal Finally Be the Cartel’s Kryptonite?
2. You Can’t Own Enough Silver!: “Inflation is Coming at Us in a Huge Wave”
3. Perfect Storm On the Horizon: Base Metals to Have Huge Affect On Silver Supply
4. “Just the Beginning” Is the Most Explosive Action Embry Has Ever Seen in the Mining Shares Foretelling the Future?
5. Why Embry Believes Gold & Silver Ratio Will COLLAPSE As Silver Dramatically Outperforms Gold
6. “It Will Be SPECTACULAR” : Embry Believes This Bull Run Will Be the Biggest Move in Gold & Silver EVER