Silver $100+ as China & East Takeover Price Fixing – Bill Murphy of GATA

from CrushTheStreet

You Could Get 2,000% Gains in Silver Mining if You Believe Bill:

GUEST: http://GATA.org

01:20 How will Shanghai Gold Exchange Price Fix Affect Prices?
03:20 Cartel Losing Control, Is Paper Price Manipulation Moving East?
04:45 Bill say’s Silver will Explode Over $100
06:30 Silver Mining Stock Shares on the Rise, Sign of Silver to Explode Soon!
07:40 First Majestic’s Great Rise in Price
09:00 Small Mining Company Shares will go 10 to 20X Higher! Fortunes to Make
10:20 Price Manipulation About to End, Cartel Losing Control
11:20 GATA: Chris Powell in Asia, GATA Exposing the FED’s Gold Scam

Bill is a frequent guest and favorite for both us and Future Money Trends.
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