Shanghai, Satanists and Celebration of Fire

by Jim Willie CB,
Gold Seek

The theme of this article is the arrival of April, the most significant month on the Satanist calendar and the month with an extremely long list of celebrated assassination and mass murder events that they boast of. Some events are well-known to follow the April pattern, while others are not. The relevance to the financial world is immediate, when one considers that the Chinese have a planned launch of the Shanghai Gold Price Fix, as well as the introduction of the Shanghai RMB-based Gold Futures contract, the date arranged at April 19th. This date is right smack dab in the middle of the week marked by the Celebration of Fire. What an incredible insult to the banker cabal, replete with Satanists like uber-leader Rothschild, if the fiat paper currency system centered upon the USDollar is upended by China during mid-April! The temples might indeed be overturned that would catch King Solomon’s attention. Any wresting of control within the Gold market would enable the price to rise, like to establish an equilibrium between supply & demand in the physical market. Refer to a doubled Gold price and a tripled Silver price suddenly. For perhaps 40 years or more, the Gold price has been set by paper contracts with claimed price discovery involved. However, no discovery is anywhere visible on any horizon, any arena, any window. It is a den of profound corruption upon which the entire USDollar platforms rests. The Chinese attack within the Gold market could hit Satanist bankers where they live, in the fire of mid-April.

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