Seasonal Patterns Suggest Gold May Be Strong in April & May

by Jay Taylor
Jay Taylor Media

ery interesting article posted at Adam Hamilton provides the following chart that shows gold’s seasonality during the bull run from 2001 through 2012.

While many analysts are suggesting gold will be very weak during April and May and do not see any significant rise in the yellow metal until the Fall, Adam shows that during this prolonged bull market in gold the end of March, where we are now, has usually been a good time to increase your gold and gold share holdings.

Of course, not included in the seasonal map has been the data during what Adam terms the “fake” gold bear market caused by massive stock market stimulus that caused investors to opt out of gold and other alternative investments. In fact, as he points out, the bear market in Q2 alone, plummeted by 22.8% which was the worst calendar quarter in an astounding 93years!

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