Rome is Burning, as Its Arsonists Speak

by Andrew Hoffman
Miles Franklin

I’m still on vacation – but seeing all that’s happening, it’s impossible to not write. In fact, it was this email from a reader this morning that truly inspired me. And trust me, I get many just like this.

“Specifically to how your job somehow became to fight against the gold cartel. Man let me tell you, what you have done for people out there, you have had one of the rare opportunities to do something that might actually save people’s lives, when what you have been espousing actually comes to pass. You are the most reliable person in the business right now. Everything you have said has been the word in the mid-term.”

Actually, the reader also gave “co-credit” to my good friend Craig Hemke (aka Turd Ferguson), whom I’m happy to share the spotlight with – given that he, too, is one of the handful of “good, smart guys.” But you get my point.

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