The Real Reason to Invest in Silver… It’s the Fundamentals

by Steve St. Angelo
SRSRocco Report

The best reason to own silver is based upon underlying market fundamentals. However, most of the markets today aren’t being valued by fundamentals, but rather on Fed and Central Bank interventions. This has destroyed the ability for investors and markets to properly value most assets.

I, as well as many precious metals analysts have received some ridicule for getting it wrong on the price movements of gold and silver since 2012. Of course, no one was complaining when the silver price moved up from an average $6.67 in 2004 to $35.12 in 2011.

Sure, we precious metals analysts deserve some criticism for not foreseeing how much monetary printing the Fed and Central Banks would do as well as the massive corruption and deceit conducted by the top banks in the world.

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