Jubilee Strike: IMF Planned a Credit Event In Greece to Destabilize Europe

by Jeff Berwick
Dollar Vigilante

We covered the Greek crisis, last year, and for the most part we said that no matter what the Greek people “decide” via a vote, the IMF and the EU would strangle the country by any means necessary. Many people responded that we were crazy. “For what purpose would the IMF and EU want to destroy Greece?” they asked.

We responded that this was all part of a bigger, elite plan to destabilize Europe (and destroy the West, including the US) to bring in a one world government and currency. We even said that occult Shemitah Trends and the current mystic Jubilee Year predicted this.

On the very end-day of 2015 Shemitah, the EU reconstructed its borders, effectively ending the Shenghen area of easy passage for people and goods. As of today, we are told, goods trying to pass into Germany are lined up for days to pass inspection (causing prices to rise substantially as what used to take a few hours to transport now takes days).

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