Inconvenient Observations

by Monty Pelerin
Monty Pelerin’s World

We live in a crazy world where political correctness rules and critical thinking is taboo. College campuses are overrun by wusses who need protected space from “micro-aggressions.” It was not so in my youth, especially growing up with wise guys in New Jersey. Inconvenient observations were then known as cutting through the BS. Pretensions and stupidity were not tolerated well.

The current lack of inconvenient observations is hurting us all, especially our youth. I shall provide a series of observations over several articles that may be inconvenient but will not be inappropriate. Here is the first batch:

A half-truth is equivalent to a half-virgin. Neither stays that way for long!

Prior to assuming the Presidency, Barack Obama had never run anything except his mouth. Things haven’t changed.

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