Harvey Organ’s Daily Gold & Silver Report – 2016.04.12

Raid foiled again/Gold and silver advance/European investors totally dissatisfied with the deal to rescue our insolvent Italian banks/The Italian Stock exchange halted all Italian bank stocks from trading in mid afternoon/Valeant given a notice of default by one company who did not go along with the deal/Fun and games tomorrow

by Harvey Organ
Harvey Organ’s Blog

[…] Today, the bankers got a good look at the real OI for today in both gold and silver(remember that OI is always reported one day late and this gives the house a huge advantage) and they decided en masse that it was necessary to orchestrate a raid. The problem of course was the fact that many investors were waiting in the wings and they gobbled up many of the huge offerings from our bankers. Over on the other side of the pond in London, physical gold and silver are disappearing off the planet and thus it is much harder for the bankers to do their usual and customary (and criminal) raids. The OI for both gold and silver no doubt will be much higher tomorrow and the bankers will need to burn the midnight oil deciding whether to raid or not.

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