Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts – Grifters, Conmen, and Grafters

from Jesse’s Café Américain

There are many dangers in this world. There are those who would have us fall and therein be consumed, our property lost and our children impoverished. And there is surely an evil and ancient corruption that stalks the night, always roaming like a ravening wolf, ready to take us in its grip and be lost.

But there is no greater enemy to ourselves and our life than our own hardened hearts. For they whisper lies to us, they tell us that what is good is impractical and idealistic, and what is wicked is practical and necessary, that this is just what must be done, that this is the way things are.

Gold and silver were under some pressure today, as even the mighty US dollar gave way to the renewed animal spirits and taste for highly leverage financial assets held the day.

If one looks at all the charts the day’s action is just more trading motion within some fairly well-defined trend channels.

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