Flip Flopin’ Thursday – Yellen, Bernanke, Greenspan and Volker Oh My!

by Phil Davis
Huffington Post

All 4 living Fed Chairs will be speaking tonight in New York, ostensibly “for the kids” but really to have an excuse to spin the Hell out of yesterday’s Fed Minutes, which had a nice, fake rally into the close but it’s already reversed in the Futures as we’re down about 0.5%. For reference, here’s each Chairperson organized by the value of the Dollar under their tenure – note the significant shrinkage which leads us to predict Peter Dinklage will die this season in Game of Thrones so he can be tapped to be the next Fed Chairman – you heard it here first!

We reviewed the Fed Minutes live during yesterday’s Trading Webinar and we used the volatility to make a quick $480 for our Members trading Oil (/CL) and the Russell (/TF) Futures (replay available here) and, into the close, at 3:31, my note to our Members in our Live Chat Room was:

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