Deutsche Bank Silver Settlement: GATA Vindicated

by Michael J. Ballanger
The Gold Report

Precious metals expert Michael Ballanger riffs on the news that Deutsche Bank is settling U.S. silver pricing litigation.

Before I begin, I want to repeat a now famous quote authored by GATA’s Co-founder, Chris Powell, who, in commenting on the “odd behavior of markets,” penned the following:

“THERE ARE NO MARKETS ANYMORE; JUST INTERVENTIONS.” (Chris Powell, 2008, Washington Conference)

After what seems like a lifetime of serial denial by the MSM, of total head-turning by regulators, of behind-the-back snickering by financial commentators, and of in-your-face continued manipulation by the bullion bank behemoths, Reuters has finally reported an event that might—repeat—MIGHT be a game changer for those involved in silver trading and investments.

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