The Coming Collapse Will Be Talked About for Centuries… If We Are Even Still Here to Talk About It

by Jeff Berwick
Dollar Vigilante

Below, Jeff is interviewed by Herchel 36 from Truth is Stranger than Fiction, topics include: Massive money printing and negative interest rates, rising cost of living, hyperinflation, massive shortages in Venezuela, the threat of a cashless society, the evils of central banking and the resulting impoverishment, and eventual depopulation.

In This Interview, Jeff Reveals His Predictions for Jubilee 2016, Which Include a Global Economic, Political and Military Catastrophe

A good part of the video also focused on Jeff’s 2015 predictions regarding Shemitah and his recent video and White Paper on the upcoming disasters of Jubilee Year 2016.

What Jeff became aware of in 2015 was that certain cyclical holidays like the Jewish Shemitah were being used by financial elites to create a timeline for destructive sociopolitical and market events. For instance the Shemitah end-day and the months around Shemitah repetitively experienced various market crashes and other disasters repetitively, every seven-years.

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