Climate Change May Not Lead to More Floods and Droughts After All … 1200 Years of Data Contradict Global Warming Scare Stories

by J. D. Heyes
Natural News

(NaturalNews) Climate alarmists on the Left don’t want to hear it, and in fact want to punish – like, with fines and jail terms – anyone who disagrees with their claim that the world is burning up and your SUV is to blame. But in fact, some scientists are now claiming that their global warming modeling may have been all wrong.

Not that that should surprise us. A distinctly non-climatologist who has made tens of millions off “global warming” – former Vice President Al Gore – warned the world in 2008 that due to climate change, if we didn’t “do something” (which means high carbon taxes and reverting our technology and lifestyles back to the 1700s) by 2012, it would all be over.

Except, is isn’t. And now, we’re told, all of that climate change noise is very likely just that – noise.

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