China vs the Gold Cartel – No Contest!

by Andrew Hoffman
Miles Franklin

There are so many places I could start – on this, the day before Miles Franklin’s Ft. Lauderdale Q&A Rap Session, to be hosted by my good friend, and fellow New Yorker, Kerry Lutz of the Financial Survival Network. As of yesterday, we had nearly 200 people registered to attend, and 400 to listen to the online, interactive webcast. This FREE event still has space available, and we invite you to either attend, or listen online. Now that the Cartel is clearly “on the ropes” – as starkly evidenced by yesterday’s “unexpected” silver breakout – the time for the “Precious Metals Community” to coalesce its anti-Cartel forces, is NOW. This event is just a piece of the puzzle, and I expect more and more “pieces” to fit into place throughout 2016, and beyond.

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