Brexit Shenanigans Being Played as Elite Plan to Destabilize Europe Continues

by Jeff Berwick
Dollar Vigilante

On April Fool’s Day, the UK’s Guardian newspaper published a fake story that the Royal Family was ready to go public with opposition to “Brexit” (a British exit from the Eurozone) and ensure that Britain remains in the EU. There were some other “prank” stories published by the British media as well.

It’s quite crazy for a “reputable” mainstream new provider to be publishing joke articles… but most mainstream media is a joke to begin with.

Interestingly the Guardian has never labeled the article an April Fool’s prank as other papers do… probably because it wasn’t just a joke. They are likely trying to get the UK public to believe that the Royal’s are against an exit as the establishments want bigger and bigger government (ie. the Eurozone).

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