Anthony Wile: From Personal, Market Preferences to Promising Opportunities

by Daily Bell Staff
The Daily Bell

Introduction: Anthony Wile is an active investor, business strategist and consultant, financial markets commentator, publisher and author. Having lived and worked in several leading financial centers around the world, he has established an international network of asset managers, banks, family offices and financial analysts, as well as institutional investors and securities firms.

As Founding Chairman and CEO of The Wile Group Ltd., Wile now provides consulting and strategic financial advisory services to select firms and individuals within this network. Anthony founded The Daily Bell and served as its Chief Editor until February 2016. He is the author of four books: Financial Freedom: The High Alert Way to Discover Winning and Profitable Investment Ideas, High Alert: How the Internet Reformation is causing a financial hurricane – and how to profit from it, and The Liberation of Flockhead. He serves as a director of Fundación PharmaCielo, which endeavors to assist rural Colombians through partnering with existing organizations and efforts to improve living conditions and expand opportunities.

The Daily Bell: Great to sit down with you again. It’s always good to catch up with you and find out what you’re doing. You led The Daily Bell at a time of its greatest growth, when the publication had regular, worldwide impact.

Anthony Wile: I remain very proud of what The Daily Bell became and has become.

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