World War III is Imminent and Most Sheeple Have Absolutely No Idea… Nor Are Prepared for Its Consequences

by Jeff Berwick
Dollar Vigilante

The West’s sociopathic military-industrial has the world on the verge of World War Three and the larger Western public doesn’t even seem to know about it or care.

Of course if you’ve been following TDV, you’re far better informed about what’s going on. Our Shemitah analysis conducted last year was thoroughly predictive of what’s taking place in this “Jubilee Year” – which is just an extension of previous military and economic disasters.

We predicted that the beginning of the end of the current system would start in the fall of 2015. It actually began a few weeks earlier in August and world stock markets recorded their worst quarter since 2011 in the third quarter, wiping $11 trillion from the markets. These crashes extended themselves into 2016, and now additional chaos is occurring. The same goes for the EU’s Schengen Area that collapsed last year, beginning precisely on the end day of the Shemitah and continues to disintegrate as a result of planned and orchestrated immigration.

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