What is a ‘Consistent Conservative’?

by Karl Denninger

One of the oft-leveled charges against Trump is that he’s not a “consistent conservative.”

Let me ask those of you who call yourselves Conservative — what does that mean?

Let me start a short list and see how many of you agree with me.

  • We cannot have government in an amount that exceeds what we’re willing to pay for in today’s dollars, with one exception: when fighting a war for our national survival. This means that if you are a “conservative” you cannot support, vote for, propose or pass any budget that runs a deficit except if our national survival is at stake in a declared war. By this standard exactly one individual who declared in this election cycle, zero in the last, zero in the cycle before that and in fact zero all the way back to before Reagan has been a conservative. In addition zero of the Republican Leadership is a conservative.

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