Welcome to Dystopia Episode 16: Gold Bull Market Spanking Permabears

from WallStForMainSt

Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St and managing editor of The News Doctors http://thenewsdoctors.com/ and independent financial journalist, Eric Dubin are back for episode 16 of the Welcome to Dystopia podcast.

Jason asks Eric about the price action in gold and gold stocks. Eric thinks the bull market in gold is back and it’s very bullish that the gold chart has had its 50 day moving average cross over the top of its 200 day moving average.

Jason and Eric discuss this managed retreat going on in the gold market.

A lot of Wall St managed money is clearly moving into gold from stocks, bonds, etc.

Jason and Eric talk about how more evidence keeps appearing of the real global economy slowing down an worsening.

Former central bankers like Mervyn King are now coming out and saying how another crisis is guaranteed and that the elites of Europe intentionally created an economic depression in Europe.

Jason and Eric also discuss how Venezuela is going through hyperinflation now and a collapse of their government and society.

Scumbag Nominees for this show:
1) George Soros for his op-ed in the Guardian blaming Russia and Putin for the European immigration crisis

2)Warren Buffett for his recent economic propaganda his put out in his annual shareholder letter. Warren claims the US economy is doing well, kids will have a great life and that all social security payments will be made no problem