Welcome to Dystopia 17 – Smaulgld on Shifty PM Data: Louis Dissects CPM Group, Gold/Silver

from WallStForMainSt

Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St and managing editor of The News Doctors http://thenewsdoctors.com/ and independent financial journalist, Eric Dubin welcome special guest Louis Cammarosano of Smaulgld https://smaulgld.com/ to Episode #17 of their Welcome to Dystopia podcast.

Louis a a precious metal and real estate expert who also has been a teacher, worked on Wall St, worked in Silicon Valley and has been a lawyer for Wall St.

During this hour+ episode, Jason asks Louis about the precious metals market.

Louis thinks CPM Group and the Silver Institute use incorrect data. He says CPM doesn’t count investment demand in their demand calculations and that the Silver Institute doesn’t properly account for silver ETF holdings. Louis thinks the physical silver market has been in a major deficit for years.

Eric then asks what will cause the silver price to rise? Louis says investment demand and/ot industrial demand for physical metal will force paper prices higher (if the manipulators allow it).

Eric follows up about the manipulation of gold and silver and Louis says it’s getting worse.

Jason asks Louis if miners going bankrupt will force the manipulators to retreat and the paper prices to go higher?

Jason asks Louis about the discrepancy between his Mexican silver supply numbers and the Mexican silver supply numbers Steve St Angelo of SRS Rocco report releases.

Louis says Mexican silver miners have to increase silver production to pay bills even with low silver prices. He says this will continue until prices rise or miners go bankrupt because no capital is available to them anymore.

Eric, Jason and Louis discuss the gold and silver miners and what will happen to them next?

Jason says the perfect storm for miners is if physical demand for metal grows, and there’s also supply problems.

Jason then asks Louis about the rally in oil, copper, base metals, etc. Louis thinks it’s not based on fundamentals and almost all short covering.

Jason then asks Louis what he thinks the world will look like in 10 years? Louis thinks governments will attempt to nationalize all central banks and even big banks and government will attempt to control all credit issues within its borders.

It’s a chilling dystopian/authoritative future and we hope he is wrong about it!

Besides accumulating physical precious metals, Louis says investors should be on the lookout for bargain dividend stocks of companies that can generate free cash flow and pay a dividend without using debt to pay dividends.

Scumbag Nominees section:
1) Jason nominates the former CEO and COO of the popular charity the Wounded Warrior Project. These former executives paid themselves too high compensation and spent lavishly on parties and events instead of spending money on the recipients the charity was intended for. Less than 60% of the more than $1 billion raised since the charity was started in 2003 went to charity.
2) Eric nominates the judge in the US who recently tried to blame Iran for 9/11 and who said Iran owes the US $10 billion for 9/11.