The Week in Review: March 12, 2016

by Mises Institute

This weekend, Americans move forward their clocks for daylight saving time, one of the more absurd (outdated) examples of insane government control. Notes James Alexander Webb, the government mandated spring forward is simply another example of “disrespect for the principle of simply leaving people alone.” Unfortunately the principle of lassiez-faire is one too often ignored in today’s world. The consequences of our government’s rigged society are all around us, be it the increasing reliance on food stamps, a far reaching tax system, or the gratuitous examples of well-connected elites enriching themselves from state intervention.

This all begs the question of whether it is democracy itself that may be to blame? That’s the subject of the next episode of Mises Weekends. This week we feature a past talk given by Hans-Hermann Hoppe highlighting some of the key points he makes in his book Democracy: The God That Failed. Hoppe’s lecture not only shows how democratic elections often lead to bad results, but illustrates how political democracy is often incompatible with human liberty.

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