Uncle Sam Wants Your Retirement Account – Here is How to Protect Your IRA/401K

by Paul Seymour of TDV Offshore
Dollar Vigilante

Congress and its army of unelected thieves in Washington are drooling over the low hanging fruit which are the trillions in your qualified retirement accounts. And sooner or later they’re going to move. They’ve made attempts already.

In fact, people like Ron Paul, who spent decades as leader of several Congressional Finance committees are on public record as stating that the conversion of your retirement funds to worthless government bonds is imminent. Other Congressmen are fully aware of these plans, they just lack the veracity of former Congressman Paul.

There may not be a long, drawn-out debate involved either. Maybe all it will take is a significant terrorist attack on US soil. You’ll go to sleep one night thinking you had a retirement account invested in mutual funds, and wake up to learn that it has been converted to US Government treasuries for “security” purposes.

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