The U.S. Fed Doesn’t See What is Going On in the Real World – Gold Stock Analyst

from Kitco NEWS

The market couldn’t handle the U.S. Fed rate hike and the market is now wondering whether we will have another one, says Garrett Goggin the associate editor for Gold Stock Analyst newsletter. “The Fed likes their numbers and they don’t see what is going on in the real world,” he says on the sidelines of the Gold Stock Analyst Investor Day in Fort Lauderdale. The newsletter selects a portfolio composed of the top ten gold mining and top five silver mining stocks. “This recent bear market, it appears it ended in January – it was the longest bear market in gold since 1980 so it looks like the worst is behind us,” says Goggin, a veteran market watcher and CFA. “It seems we have these three month rallies. We could get some consolidation — I believe we are going to have a retracement – we won’t make news lows and then we can enjoy the ride for the next few years,” he explains in an interview with Kitco News.