The Week in Review: March 5, 2016

by Mises Institute

Murray Rothbard would have turned 90 years old on Wednesday, and his contributions to economics have never been more relevant. As more Americans wake up to the Federal Reserve’s shell game and frustration continues to grow from our dead beat Uncle Sam, Rothbard’s uncompromising assault on the state has made him one of the rare scholars to see his influence and following grow exponentially, even after his passing.

One of the qualities that makes Rothbard special is the incredibly wide scope of scholastic work. Beyond his contributions to Austrian economics that directly led to its revival in America, he was a masterful libertarian political theorist, strategist, revisionist historian and even the occasional playwright.

The new Rothbard Reader, released this past Wednesday, offers readers a convenient way to sample Rothbard’s many contributions to the libertarian tradition.

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