Still Report #739 – Resurrection Day 2016

from Bill Still

Good Resurrection day morning, I’m still reporting on finding the truth.
And so after I recorded this, I had all these doubts that it wasn’t good enough and that I forgot to mention this and that – but then that still, small voice – and this time it wasn’t so small – the voice of the Holy Spirit came to me and simply said, “THAT’S GOOD ENOUGH”.
And now as my eyes fill with tears, that my confirmation that I’m right square on that path – the right path for me. It’s not your path, but it’s my path. It’s the best I can do with my available tools and mental abilities on this day.
God bless you all and I sincerely wish for you all to have God’s voice fall on you and your family in the mightiest way to guide you and yours, and comfort you when you have fears or doubts, and to keep you on His path He has for you.