Still Report #737 – Mistakes Made on the Cruz Sex Scandal Story

from Bill Still

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have to admit two mistakes that I made on the my last report #726 –Enquirer says: 3 More Cruz Babes.
I fell for this apparently faked, photo-shopped image of a National Enquirer page. Unless they changed their format, this is not the format for an Enquirer page. I should have known that, but it just didn’t click. The Enquirer is closed down for the weekend, so I can’t verify this.
So who pays these guys to put up these elaborate graphic arts fakes? And why would they do it? Someone didn’t knock this out in 15 minutes. This is good – it’s just not perfect – and I should have recognized that.
I apologize for that error.
What difference does it make? It means that there are just 5 women implicated at this point – not 8 – and two have been confirmed by Washington Times correspondent, Drew Johnson, and Johnson is no Trump lover.
In fact, he has said Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson has a better chance of becoming President than Donald Trump. I wonder if they are related?
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Well, here’s my prediction in the General election. Trump 55%, Johnson less than 1%.
The second error I made is that I included a string of quotes which were implied to be from the brother-in-law of Amanda Carpenter, the originator of the notorious Republican Black List – an enemies list for folks who support Trump.
I should have simply labeled those quotes as unattributed and I would have been fine, but I fell for the implication and didn’t recognize that nowhere were those quotes attributed correctly. Why? Admittedly, because I wanted them to be true – yes my bias against Cruz is so strong – a deep revulsion.
The rest of the story was fine. Although the connection between Cruz and Amanda Carpenter is still circumstantial, the public revelation of identical Winston Churchill tattoos on the same day in public forums is very strong evidence of a deep, personal connection. Time will tell.
I’ve done many other stories on Ted Cruz; the off-the-charts dirty tricks of the Cruz campaign in Iowa and most other caucus states along the way, the North American Union aspirations of both Ted and Heidi Cruz, even evidence of vote-rigging schemes, but most importantly his clear ineligibility to not only become President, but even to hold the office he now holds – a Senator from Texas.
By contrast, I’ve seen none of these nefarious shenanigans from Trump.
So, although I stand by all of my previous work on Cruz, I apologize for these two mistakes in my last report.
I’m Still reporting from Washington. Good day.