Still Report #723 – Brit Defense Chief Says “Brexit”

from Bill Still

The former UK Defense Secretary, Dr. Liam Fox, says the European Union is failing and Britain should get out.
Fox’s support is a huge boost for those who support the Brexit vote coming on June 23rd. Dr. Fox, now a prominent member of Parliament, told the Washington Free Beacon yesterday:
“[Europe] is a shrinking economy; it’s got a shrinking diplomatic influence; it’s got a shrinking military capability, and yet [EU proponents] talk about the Europeans as though they are at the high point of the Roman Empire. There’s a dangerous delusion.…”
Fox emphasized that the due to the invasion of migrants:
“I think Schengen has unraveled.”
The Schengen area is a compact among 26 former sovereign European nations to allow unrestricted travel between them on an EU passport. This makes travel across the Schengen very convenient, however it makes the area impossible to defend. Once one former nation is breached by undocumented immigrants, they can simply go wherever they want, and typically that means to the states with the most generous welfare systems, France, Sweden and Germany.
In recent weeks, Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, and Hungary have re-imposed controls on some, or all of their borders.
Britain and Ireland – as seen on this map in gray – never joined the Schengen Area. However, as Donald Trump stated early in his Presidential campaign, there are so many recent migrants sneaking in to Britain, that Islamic no-go areas have been established that the British dare not enter.
Dr. Fox agreed with Trump and implied that President Obama is part of the problem. He said that American values are very important to the peace and stability of the entire world and that the next American president:
“…should believe [that promoting] American values is ultimately in America’s interest” as a “force for good in the world.”
Is it possible that America may start getting credit for the good things it’s done in the past?
I’m Still reporting from Washington. Good day.