Still Report #720 – Bob Woodward: “Trump Never Quits!”

from Bill Still

Today Chris Wallace took to the air on Fox with his Fox News Sunday show. The topic was Trump.
First question: Is the Stop Trump Movement to be taken seriously?
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So as she points out, the time has expired and all that is actually left is just angry bluff and bluster from folks who are about to lose a bunch of money from the huge vote rigging industry in Washington, D.C.
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So here’s my next key indicator of the Trump trajectory. Trump’s rather conservative projection that gets him just over the line on June 7, the last primary day, shows him getting only 12 votes in Utah. Does he end up with more than 12, or less than 12 this Tuesday?
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Having grown up in Washington, it is absolutely hilarious to me to see these professional prognosticators completely baffled by the Trump train. At least Woodward is honest about it.
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Does anyone actually believe these polls that Hillary beats Trump in the general? I certainly don’t. Even if his popularity remained static from this point on, he would win hands down. Why? Two reasons:
#1. Trump gets probably the biggest crossover vote in the history of U.S. politics. Everyone is tired of Washington sell-outs. #2. Trump gets more votes. Turnout for Trump in the general will crush all known previous voter turnout records.
Judge it by the turnout at the rallies. If Cruz gets over 1,000 people to a rally, he’s crowing about the next day on the interview shows.

We Trumpers say: 1,000? What a failure. Trump gets between 10 and 30,000 and can do 3 or 4 of those in a single day. There is absolutely no comparison!
The forces of Clinton are paying for fake polls. That’s all I can figure. And their supplicants know it. Why? Because behind the scenes they are scared to death of Trump’s pulling power.
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Yes, and imagine the difficulties campaigning during an espionage trial?
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So the big Trump 757 will be swooping into Reagan National along the banks of the Potomac River tomorrow. Meeting #1 with the Jewish contingent to try to sway them over.
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Second up, however, Trump will be meeting with a group of mainstream Republicans. Why?
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Yes, and you can bet that the master negotiator will make peace with the Republican silent majority in just a couple hours time.
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I’m Still reporting from Washington. Good day.