Still Report #709 – Ballot Security Project

from Bill Still

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After media reports of dozens of voting irregularities in the Texas Republican primary, The Ballot Security Project was formed to investigate each report.
In Texas, there were over 600 reports and in virtually every case votes cast for Donald J. Trump were tallied for Senator Marco Rubio.
Consequently, a toll-free number has been established to collect further reports of vote irregularities. The number is 1-855-245-4634.
Almost immediately, there were over 300 complaints from Oklahoma. A week later the Kansas and Maine caucuses brought hundreds of additional complaints, including claims of double voting by supporters of Sen. Ted Cruz.
According to a Ballot Security Project release:
“Now there are widespread complaints about the form and handling of absentee and early voting in Ohio. In addition, based on history, we believe it would be wise to prepare for possible irregularities in Florida. To the extent possible, we are attempting to place trained poll watchers in those counties with a recent history of voter fraud.”
“The Ballot Security Project is committed to investigating all complaints of voter fraud. In the event a pattern can be determined, the seating of these delegations can and will be challenged before the Credentials committee of the Republican National Convention. We have dispatched lawyers and election law experts to all of the states mentioned above to investigate and document voter fraud.”
The project needs your support. Unlike candidate fundraising, there are no limits to the amount you can contribute to the PAC titled, The Committee To Restore America’s Greatness. For more information, go to or click on the live bit link in the Description window below:
Again, to report vote irregularities, call 1-855-245-4634.
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.