Still Report #708 – George Soros’ Friends Fund John Kasich

from Bill Still

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Two friends of George Soros have kept the candidacy of John Kasich on life support. This despite the fact revealed last week that Kasich did not qualify to be on the presidential ballot in his neighboring state of Pennsylvania – and parts of Illinois.
Kasich’s only reason to remain in the race is to have some leverage over Trump at the Republican Convention July 18-21st.
Last fall, Scott Bessent, Soros’ chief investment officer on Wall Street, donated $200,000 to New Day for America, a Kasich super-PAC.
This is no surprise as Kasich, after retiring from Congress in 2000, worked for seven years at Lehman Brothers, until its collapse in 2008.

During Kasich’s tenure, Lehman was the 4th-largest investment bank in the U.S.
Kasich, however, has denied any responsibility for the decisions that brought on the bank’s fall.
Soros, who is rumored to be connected to the funding of the Muslim invasion of Western Europe, last year — donated 8 million dollars to two pro-Hillary Clinton super-PACs.
Soros is so reviled by conservatives for his support for far-left operations in the U.S., like Black Lives Matter and, that it is likely that no Republican candidate would ever accept money from him directly – only through surrogates.
In January, Bessent announced that he was creating a $4.5 billion hedge fund called Key Square Group, with $2 billion from Soros.
In 2013, Bessent and Soros made a billion dollars shorting the Japanese Yen.
Besset has not only donated the maximum amount personally allowed by the FEC to the Kasich campaign, he also donated $25,000 to Ready for Hillary and $5,000 to the Jeb Bush super-PAC, Right to Rise. But, by far, his largest political donation was to Kasich.
Another Soros buddy, Stanley Druckenmiller, has donated $150,000 to the Kasich super-PAC. In 1992, Druckenmiller and Soros “broke” the Bank of England by shorting the British pound. In a single day the two titans made over a billion dollars.
Druckenmiller has publicly campaigned for cuts to Social Security payments, especially for the Baby-Boomer generation, saying their retirement costs will prove disastrous for future generations.
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.