Still Report #703 – New Reuters National Poll

from Bill Still

A new Reuters National Poll came out yesterday and better get out the house jacks because if you don’t raise that ceiling again, it’s gonna crush that shiny RNC chandelier.
Trump 51, Rubio, 17, Cruz 17, Won’t Vote 10.6 and Kasich 5.2.
Just to be sure, RNC, you’d better raise that Trumpet ceiling up to 75%. That should keep the light fixtures intact for a couple more weeks.
The latest from Florida:
Trump continues to hold a substantial lead with Trump 40, Rubio 26, Cruz 18, and Kasich 8.
In Ohio, it’s still a tight race with
Trump 36, Kasich 34, Cruz 17, and Rubio 8.
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.