Still Report #702 – ISIS Wannabe Attacks Trump

from Bill Still

Good morning. I’m still reporting on politics.
Yesterday 22-year-old Thomas Dimassimo, a self-professed Bernie Saunders supporter, attempted to attack Donald Trump while Trump was speaking to a huge crowd in a giant aircraft hanger in Dayton, Ohio.
The burly Dimassimo, who brags on one video that people call him a thug, is a 4th-year acting major at Wright State University. He jumped a waste-high fence and rushed the stage where Trump was speaking. He was tackled by two Secret Service agents less than 10 feet from Trump.
[insert from Fox]
Here’s another view courtesy of The Right Side:
Dimassimo had talked of martyrdom hours earlier and may have been carrying a knife because photos of the primary Secret Service agent pulling him from the stage showed him bleeding from his right hand.
Mystery shrouds whether or not Dimassimo was connected to an ISIS cell, or merely wanted to be, however, as he waited in line to be one of the first into the area where Trump would speak, he tweeted out under his Twitter handle: “Marlon Bando@Younglionking7” that he was scared and hinted at what he intended to do to Trump:
[insert twitter 1]
The night before, at 10:44pm, Dimassimo tweeted of his coming fame the next day:
[insert name famous tomorrow]
He was in line at 07:37 am when he tweeted this:
“I’m at this – you-know-what-rally – bout to you-know-what”
The day before, Dimassimo made an overt threat against Trump – an obvious felony:
[insert twitter 2]
Despite that, Dimassimo was arrested but unbelievably was released on $3,000 bail before law enforcement had a chance to study his history via social media. Dimassimo was quick to post this photo of he and 3 young women with a profane caption directed towards Mr. Trump.
Soon thereafter, Dimassimo quickly changed his story and started scrubbing his social media accounts, even telling one person that he was not trying to kill Trump and did not try to stab any of Secret Service, saying that he had gone through a metal detector.
However, experts were quick to note that ceramic knives have long been the easily-concealed weapon of choice for jihadists for over a decade.
They can pass through metal detectors unnoticed.
Here is what Dimassimo’s Facebook page used to look like. You can see that he has some fondness for Marlon Brando.
Dimassimo’s father is a teacher from …. Georgia. His mother is a public official and last Nov. was appointed to oversee the “Renew Atlanta” infrastructure project.
Overnight, leftist websites began a spin operation that Dimassimo was not an ISIS member and branded the following video posted 11 months ago as a hoax. Here are some clips of the video. You can decide for yourself.
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.