Still Report #699 – Petition to Mandate a Paper Ballot

from Bill Still

Short link to petition:
Good morning. I’m still reporting on politics.
Jerry Rose of Olympia, Washington has come up with a great idea – a petition to mandate the use of paper ballots in federal elections.
I’ve always feared voting machines – and I’m a technology person.
However as Mr. Rose’s petition states, the American people are losing confidence in the accuracy of electronic voting and this needs to be reversed as soon as possible.
Although the text of this petition is not well written and overly-wordy, its intent is exactly right on. As the petition states in its concluding paragraph:
“This may cost us more time and money, but it is well worth it….”
Here’s the bottom line: the integrity of electronic voting can never be assured; neither can voter anonymity.
An old-fashioned paper ballot is the best way to restore voter confidence in our ability to self-govern.
Here’s the shortened link. I recommend that everyone sign it and pass it on:
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.