Still Report #696 – Hungary to Get 1st Transonic Train

from Bill Still

Now that it appears that Donald Trump may become the next President of the United States, some hope of a peaceful future for civilization can begin to sprout again as US policy switches from the failing Obama/Merkel economic model to the more practical solutions being employed by the nations of central Europe.
Hungary and its security-minded central European neighbors seem to be on the leading edge of the learning curve with their prescriptions for the migrant invasion – keep immigration low and legal, and strict enforcement of the rule of law. It’s nothing new. It’s the bedrock of civilization.
Although Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and his neighboring countries have been criticized in the liberal European media as being too tough on the migrant invasion, high-tech investors are placing huge bets that theirs is the only winning formula for long-ranged peace and stability going forward.
For example, this morning, the Budapest Business Journal announced that Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HHT), signed a declaration of intent yesterday with the Slovak government to bring the world’s first commercial transonic train to Central Europe.
The new rail line, called a Hyperloop, will run just under the speed of sound inside a huge a vacuum tube at transonic speeds of 758 miles per hour – or 1,200 kilometers per hour – by far the fastest in the world.
The first Hyperloop train will run from Vienna, Austria, to Budapest, Hungary with a stop in Bratislava, Slovakia. The trip that normally takes 3 hours by car, will take roughly 20 minutes, including a 2-minute stop in Bratislava.
HHT is currently planning the first 5-mile test line for the Hyperloop train system in California’s Quay Valley with a projected 2018 completion date.
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.