Still Report #695 – State of Emergency Declared in Hungary

from Bill Still

Well this is a nasty development. Hungary has declared a state of emergency nation wide and mobilized 1500 soldiers and an unknown number of police to stop an attack on their fence.
Approximately 10,000 migrants are now stuck along the border with Macedonia and Bulgaria and have broken through fences along the Greece/Macedonian border.
The unprecedented move resulted from European “No Borders” activists arming migrants with bolt cutters and other tools to breach fences and some fences have been breached as a result.
According to Hungary today, about 100 individuals get through the Hungarian fence per week, but with all borders sealed blocking the migrants path from Greece to Germany, migrant populations are rapidly building up and no one knows what the outcome will be.
The emergency order has seen no criticism inside of Hungary.
Prime Minister Viktor Orban says the move is necessary because no one knows the reaction the migrants will have to plugging holes in the Hungarian fence and pushing the migrants back out of the country. According to Orban:
“We have recognized this risk and will take any action against it”.
A week ago in his fortnightly radio address to the nation, Orban vowed that in Hungary, civilization will not be destroyed by the migrant invasion and women will be safe:
“… gangs will not be hunting our wives and daughters.”
In our next report see how Orban’s strong stance is already paying big dividends for Hungary and its Central European neighbors.
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.