Still Report #692 – Rubio Regrets Trump Attacks

from Bill Still

Marco Rubio told Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly on Wednesday evening during a broadcast at his sparsely-attended rally in Miami that he regretted veering off his normal campaign rhetoric by making several days worth of so-called “con-artist” attacks against front-runner Donald Trump.
Rubio told Kelly:
“My kids were embarrassed by it. My wife didn’t like it. I don’t think it reflects good. That’s not who I am.”
The Rubio mea gulpa – the Latin phrase meaning “through my fault” that is typically an acknowledgement of wrongdoing – may be too little and too late. Rubio posted dismal numbers in last Tuesday’s voting – with 3rd place finishes in Idaho and Hawaii and single digit 4th place finishes in Michigan and Mississippi.

Rubio desperately needs to pull out a win in his home state of Florida on Tuesday. Despite the release of another dubious Wall Street Journal/NBC poll showing Rubio closing on Trump, the more respected CNN/ORC poll shows the Trump lead growing to an insurmountable 16 point lead – 40 to 24%.
The same poll shows Trump leading in Ohio with 41% and Rubio a distant 4th with only 7%.
Should Rubio lose Florida, some now believe that his only hope of salvaging a political career is the 2018 Florida governor’s race where term-limited Gov. Rick Scott has to step aside.
However, it is unlikely that Rubio will ever recover from doing the bidding of the Masters of the Universe by attacking Trump. Not only did it not work, but Trump – as always – only got stronger.

In Christian terms, Trump’s invincibility is called “an anointing.”
However, at the root of Rubio’s problems in his quest for Florida votes are numerous allegations – only recently surfacing – of not only Rubio’s con-artist misconduct during his time as Florida Speaker of the House, but even before that with his youthful associations in Miami’s seedy drug and sex-laced under-culture.
So why did a candidate with such a deeply-troubled past become the Republican “establishment’s” anointed favorite candidate to dump Trump in his runaway quest for president of the United States?
The answer is perhaps THE most important lesson for the American body politic. That is, the old notion of the Chicago “made-man”.

Marco Rubio is the classic example — someone with a past that he desperately wants to hide. The establishment pressures the mostly-compliant media away from the truth. The payback is total control of the candidate.
The establishment will always seek out a made-man candidate to put at the top of the ticket – on both sides of the political spectrum.
The result is what you hear Trump rail about at every rally – all-talk, no action politicians who promise one thing to get elected; then only does the establishment’s bidding once elected.
Obama was a made-man. Same for both Rubio and Ted Cruz. Both Clintons : the same. The Bushes? If history confirms half of Roger Stones’ latest book, at least some of the Bushs will be included in the category.

By the way – NEWS FLASH – I have a growing respect for Stone. I’m glad he’s on our side this time.
Candidates who are not made-men, feel free to speak out fearlessly.
Huckabee – clean. Carson – clean. Kasich? Probably clean – and I say “probably”, only because he was a managing director at Lehman Brothers until it crashed and declared bankruptcy in 2008. However, Kasich responded to the Lehman question publicly in 2010 with his typical common-sense approach:
“I wasn’t involved in the inner workings of Lehman, I was a banker. I didn’t go to board meetings or go and talk investment strategy with the top people. I was nowhere near that. That’s like, it’s sort of like being a car dealer in Zanesville and being blamed for the collapse of GM.”

Donald Trump – on the other hand – has lived his life in the spotlight for decades, and under THE most intensive scrutiny possible for the last 9 months. What’s come out is probably all there is – although you can be sure the Clinton’s will come up with something.
However, let the past be a warning to future attackers.
Trump remains tops in fearlessly telling it like it is.
I’m Still reporting from Washington. Good day.