Still Report #691 – Trump’s Amazing News Conference

from Bill Still

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It was a big night for Donald Trump, winning 3 out of 4 contests last night, then holding a nearly one-hour news conference that all major TV news networks covered in its entirety.
Trump’s news conference completely stepped on Democrat rival Hillary Clinton’s speech celebrating here massive victory in Mississippi.
However, news of Clinton’s win paled in comparison to the huge upset victory by her Democrat opponent, Bernie Sanders, in Michigan.
Trump won landslide victories in Mississippi and Michigan, but the Michigan vote was particularly satisfying since that state has not voted Republican since 1988. Trump also won in the Hawaii caucus, while Ted Cruz won the smallest of yesterday’s primary states, Idaho.
Trump broadened his lead in the delegate count by 15 delegates. Trump now has 446 delegates, to Cruz’s 347. 1237 are needed to win outright.
I know that many of our subscribers in Europe cannot get the complete story on Trump, so here at length is what Trump is saying.
A little after 9 pm eastern time, Trump took to the airwaves with unprecedented wall-to-wall coverage by all major networks. Trump immediately struck a conciliatory note, reaching out to mainstream Republicans and urging party unity:
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Trump said he even got a conciliatory call from Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan:
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Trump then even extended a hand of forgiveness to Mitt Romney”
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Trump even graciously reached out to Fox News host, Megyn Kelly and political commentator, Charles Krautheimer:
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Then Trump explained why he thought he was doing so well with evangelicals:
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Then he explained why Cruz is losing evangelical support:
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Trump then sarcastically took on the special interests and the lobbyists who financed an unprecedented group of attack ads against Trump over the last week:
[insert 7]
Trump then explained why it didn’t work:
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Trump then turned his attention to a rarely-understood dynamic of the coming presidential election that is rarely talked about and never part of polls – Trump’s ability to pull millions of supporters out to vote who rarely come out to vote:
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As a result, Trump thinks he will win states that have not been in play for Republicans for nearly a generation:
[insert 10]
Then Trump responded specifically to Mitt Romney’s assertions that many of Trump’s businesses were out of business. For example, Trump’s water company:
[insert 11]
Romney also mentioned Trump Steaks and Trump magazine as though they were no longer in business:
[insert 12]
Another business Romney hit on was Trump Airlines:
[insert 13]
Romney also mentioned Trump Vodka:
[insert 14]
Then Trump explained the Trump University issue:
[insert 15]
Finally, Trump explained why he has not settled the Trump University lawsuit”
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I’m Still Reporting from Washington. Good day.