Still Report #690 – Riot @ Convention to Stop Trump?

from Bill Still

A supporter of Marco Rubio, sent out the following tweet last Thursday:
[insert tweet]
“Let me explain something. If having a riot on the convention floor in Cleveland prevents Trump from the nomination, pass me the fire bomb.”
Hollow threat? Unfortunately, probably not! Felony, probably yes.
Today a Black Lives Matter – organizer — named Ashley Yates – posted a chilling diagram entitled: “Resist: Necessary Clothing and Accessories” in both English and Arabic.
The implication is plain. The BLM folks plan on joining forces with existing jihadists in the U.S. and Canada to attack the convention. Their purpose is to try to knock out their primary adversary among the presidential candidates – Donald Trump. They would like nothing better than to recreate the same riot scene outside the 1972 Democratic convention in Chicago – only worse.
Listed as Necessary Clothing and Equipment is a lid of a pot:
“You can use as a shield when the State Security beats you or shoots rubber bullets.”
“Spray paint so that if the authorities attack us, we con spray paint the visors of their helmets and the windshields of the armored trucks, blocking their vision….”
You may have noticed that the Black Lives Matter folk are sending increasing numbers of its disrupters to Trump rallies. Of course you aren’t seeing this at rallies of other candidates; and that – in itself – says something.
I’m still reporting from Washington, good day.