Still Report #688 – Ted Cruz – The Perfect Target

from Bill Still

It looks like the Ted Cruz dirty tricks train has become so desperate to win something that they no longer are trying to work the gray areas of the law, but have gone over into full scale rogue behavior.
Iowa was an act of desperation. It was clearly voter fraud. Not only that, but Ted Cruz has admitted it and apologized for it.
In Kansas, the state has received – by one report – at least 298 complaints of voter fraud as a result of Saturday’s Republican caucus.
Some allege that chartered busses filled with Cruz voters would roll from voting place to voting place; precinct to precinct – their voters voting again, and again, and again because no ID was required to vote.
Trump voters in Maine are up in arms, claiming that it is absolutely impossible that Cruz could have won that state
But Senator Cruz’s problems – should he gain the Republican nomination – are much deeper than that.
Remember the video of an 18-year-old Ted Cruz on a bicycle I included on Still Report #564? When asked what he wanted to do with his life he said:
“Take over the world. World domination. You know, rule everything. Rich, powerful, that sort of stuff.”
I can’t run that clip again because a Cruzer has already threatened this channel. But check it out. It is Still Report #564.
Well, it turns out the teenaged megalomania may not have been the joke that the Sen. Ted Cruz of today claims it was.
The core supporters of Senator Cruz who raised money for him and gave him enough credibility to win his US Senate race, were recently termed the “severely religious” or in other words a rather extreme version of Christianity.
According to Breitbart, Ted’s father, Pastor Rafael Cruz gave a sermon last year at an Irving Texas megachurch that helped elect Cruz to the U.S. Senate.
“Rafael Cruz indicated that his son was among the evangelical Christians who are anointed as ‘kings’ to take control of all sectors of society, an agenda commonly referred to as the ‘Seven Mountains’ mandate, and ‘bring the spoils of war to the priests’, thus helping to bring about a prophesied ‘great transfer of wealth’, from the ‘wicked’ to righteous gentile believers.”
Well, I’m a Christian too and this “Prosperity Gospel” – or whatever they call it – has nothing to do with the perfect and selfless service Jesus Christ did during his ministry.
I met Cruz’s father, Rafael Cruz about 6 months ago at a small Republican gathering.
There, I asked him about his son’s vote FOR giving President Obama Fast Track Authority to help him pass the Trans-Pacific Partnership bill.
He made the most preposterous argument that by giving Obama this power, it actually gave Congress better control over — Obama??? Whaaa aattt?
At a subsequent function, I got to ask Ted Cruz’s wife that if her husband really was the greatest supporter of the U.S. Constitution ever, why then did Ted vote for Fast Track – which is NOTHING but a blatant end run around the Constitution that directly violates the protections against illegal trade deals unambiguously built into the Constitution.
She mimicked Rafael Cruz’s earlier talking points – ignoring the Constitutional implications of Fast Track – she deftly swerved off into the never-never land that this actually gave Congress more control over Obama.
So the core supporters of Ted Cruz believe he is some sort of — at least near-Messianic figure — and, as a result, the true, true believers, are resistant to doing any serious vetting or questioning of Cruz or his actions or methods. In other words, as we discover his lies, they will never believe he is lying. They will never believe he is facilitating various form of voter fraud, either.
All objective observers know that eventually this story is not going end well. But the problem is that if he attains the presidency, he – like his classmate Obama – can no doubt hold off the evil day of the revelation of the truth for a full 8 years – years that we need to be desperately about the business of restoring America and making it great again.
Both Cruz and Obama – started out as junior senators with a lot of baggage. Both had to run as hard as they could just to escape a trail of lies.
For Cruz, the most audacious example of this is the eligibility issue. Cruz is absolutely not eligible – even for the U.S. Senate. He should be thrown out of that body immediately.
Why? Because #1 neither of his parents were even U.S. citizens at the time of his birth – much less birthright citizens. They both lived in Canada and voted in Canada – and Canada – at that time – did not allow dual citizenship. You had to be one or the other. So they were both Canadian citizens!
In addition, Ted neglected to renounce his Canadian citizenship until 2014 and now has had the records of his status as a U.S. citizen sealed by a court.