Still Report #684 – Newt on Trump

from Bill Still

Just before the Republican debates, Newt Gingrich was interviewed by Bill O’Reilly and Newt’s analysis of the Trump phenomenon is the best, most concise explanation of this election struggle in the United States I have seen.
First of all, Newt’s assessment of the Romney speech:
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It’s good to understand what the secret society reference is all about –because it is very relevant to how the bad guys have held their bribery scheme together for so long. Trump is really the first one in nearly a century to out them. They do it employing – in one form or another – the 2,400-year-old concept of common criminality.
This from
“In 415 BC the famous mystery scandal occurred. Several aristocratic societies conspired to overthrow the Athenian democracy.
“In order to pledge all members, a common crime was committed in which each member had to participate.
“One night the members … took hammers and removed the genitals of the many Hermes statues in the city.
“Whoever would desert the common political cause would be denounced by his former friends for having committed a crime against religion, and many witnesses against him would be at hand.”
Source:…, retrieved March 5, 2016
The conspiracy was discovered, and in a series of trials, the perpetrators were convicted and exiled from Athens. One of those who stood for trial was on orator named Andocides, who delivered a famous oration in his defense that still survives into today, titled “On the Mysteries.”
So, by using common criminality, the forces of evil have enslaved politicians throughout history. Today, the most common form of criminality that enslaves men is sex. It’s so easy to pay a woman to entangle a powerful man in a tryst that makes him susceptible to exposure and ridicule for years into the future.
By going against this powerful bribery cabal, both Trump and Gingrich have to feel pretty confident that there is nothing in their past that can harm them now from the common criminality bribery cartel – better known as lobbyists – who buy politicians every single day.
But there are other ways to buy off entire political parties –– with debt. When I was doing a series of lectures in Isr ael almost 3 years ago, a powerful attorney named Yair Olmert agreed to an on-camera interview at a private party. He explained how the biggest banks corrupt entire political parties in Israel.
So whether it by actual common criminality, or the inescapable chains of debt, this is the root of all of America’s problems with politicians not serving the people who elected them.
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And that’s a very good thing. Why is it good? Newt explains Trump’s appeal, first in terms of style.
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Then Newt explains why Trump has substance and why it appeals to the common person.
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Here, I disagree. It has not worked out well. Newt doesn’t yet know about the failings of the debt-money system. Until he sees a deep depression and realizes that the Fed is out of bullets – the European Central Bank is almost out of bullets – Brazil is in collapse – China is nearing collapse – and that Western Europe’s financial collapse is now unavoidable thanks to the invasion – he won’t see the root of the problem.
The root of the problem is government borrowing. Governments do not need to borrow money. Governments need to be on the pay-as-you-go system. They cannot be allowed to borrow because this just further enriches the bribery cartel we were just talking about.
Governments must either immediately raise taxes to sustain their profligate spending habits, or they must print money without debt from the treasury – and stop allowing banks to create the money out of debt.
If government prints the money, then they have to suffer the inevitable inflation. Borrowing money from banks – the national debt – only makes the problems much worse.
So although the folly of the world-wide system he talks about is not yet fully manifested, we are on the verge of that manifestation right now.
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That is exactly right. Part of the problems in the U.S., are that we are – the world is – in a headlong rush to dismantle national sovereignty – and that is the ultimate mistake. Why? Because it puts the will of the people even farther removed from self-governance.
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Obviously I am not. I’m overjoyed. Destroy most of the vestiges of transnationalism. No more so-called “free trade agreements”!