Still Report #680 – The Math for Trump

from Bill Still

Fox News guy Eric Bolling, probably THE most common sense person on Fox, was a legendary commodities trader. He knows math. He broke down the numbers behind the Republican nomination yesterday on “The Five.”
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In other words this is the percentage each candidate has averaged in the winner-take-all states compared to the proportional ones.
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That’s 953 of the 1237 delegates needed. In other words, Trump only needs 284 more delegates.
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And that 160 votes would put him in need of only an additional 124 votes, of outright victory – which is absolutely inevitable.
And that’s why all the registered Republican members of the bribery cult in Washington, D.C. are squealing like stuck pigs.
So why Mitt Romney’s attack speech today? So why if beating Trump is so important, why didn’t Romney designate one candidate to get behind to beat Trump?
There is only one reason. Watch, Mitt cannot jump in and register at this point and run. It’s too late – various filing deadlines have passed – so that door is now shut.
The only way Romney could get the nomination at this point is to have the remaining 4 candidates stay in the race and win enough to send this into a brokered convention – a convention which Romney has some sort of plan to win.
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.