Still Report #678 – Rubio Cancels Rallies – Donors Flee to Cruz

from Bill Still

In another, major development, Marco Rubio has quietly, but quite suddenly cancelled two rallies slated for tomorrow – a 10:15am rally in Lexington, KY, and a 6:45 pm rally in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
Baton Rouge supporters were notified with the following email:
“In order to use Marco’s time as efficiently as possible before Saturday’s contests, Marco will not be making a stop in Louisiana Friday night.”
Rubio is still scheduled to appear in the Fox News debate tonight. Speculation is running high that Rubio may be out – or, he could simply be sleeping in after the debate???
This just in. It looks like Marco Rubio is out. A report in The Buzz, a political blog of the Tampa Bay Times – says that a diverse group of financial supporters of Rubio’s has gone over to Ted Cruz.
You know what they say in politics; When the money is gone, the campaign comes to a stop.
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.